Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged

Skye Harvey Innovation – Team


Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged

Our key values of love, respect and empathy in delivering quality care services within a safe environment saw our Facility Manager absolutely insist on the collaborative ideation of our own staff accompanying our residents to their medical appointments. Facilitated by a Honda Foundation Vehicle Loan Agreement, our residents are transported to their appointments in either our Honda loan vehicle or in our new wheelchair accessible bus. The implementation of our personable transport service is undeniably preferred by our residents and families as it assures their comfort and security that their individual care needs are respected and valued by familiar Greek speaking staff. These trips present the perfect opportunity to render vital emotional support and reassurance, creating a very strong community spirit within our Home and strengthening the bond amongst our Greek community families. Our Gold Star service is a prime example where thinking outside the square of escort services and charges gives way to a culture of genuine caring by focusing on our residents’ preferences for their individual care needs. We are a Greek specific, stand-alone – not for profit – Aged Care Home of 48 residents. Our moral commitment and philosophy places people before profits particularly during their twilight years and in their hour of most need.


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