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Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged

The Integrated Nursing Home and Children’s Program is an innovative initiative aimed at bridging the intergenerational gap between our elderly and the young.  Founded by Dr Faryal Zehra – The Little Helpers on the Run is a local charitable organisation set up to empower and engage children to give back to their local communities, particularly to the elderly and children in need.  The program focusses on engaging our Aged Care residents in partnership with the children working on community kindness projects such as card making activities and videos to acknowledge and thank the tireless efforts of our essential workers including paramedics, nurses, midwives, emergency services, doctors, police, teachers, SES and those working in Aged Care and Community services.  Our residents absolutely delight in seeing their young visitors and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic the children switched their physical contact to virtual messages and dance videos never forgetting our residents and staff on special festive and celebratory occasions – Christmas and New Year, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Eid, Nurses’ Day and Grandparents Day.  The Little Helpers never fail to send beautifully handcrafted greeting cards to our residents and staff along with immaculately decorated gift boxes of chocolates and hand creams.  It is a delightful collaboration of children and our residents working together facilitating wider connections and enhancing a strong community spirit. Thanks Little Helpers for always remembering our residents and presenting new opportunities for meaningful engagement and community connections.

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