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Glenview Community Services

As creators of Korongee, Australia’s first purpose built village for those living with dementia, Glenview Community Services has a rich connection with the surrounding community. Stretching back more than 70 years when a stately mansion was converted into an aged care home, it was the first of its kind in southern Tasmanian to provide care for all genders, allowing couples to live under the same roof. Glenview was created out of community need, and continues to rise up to the challenges our elders face.

We were very excited to launch Korongee in July 2020 which will be home to 96 residents. One of the key design elements to Korongee is its small house model and village lay-out which allows residents living with dementia to walk freely around the grounds and participate in everyday life decisions which are not always available to those living in traditional residential-based dementia care.

The unique design of Korongee, and the model of care in place, is centred on evidence that supports small house living as well as connections with visual cues and natural spaces, can have a huge impact on overall happiness, health and wellbeing.


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