Feros Care: The flood response from our residential villages

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Feros Care

We were very close to the impact of the floods in Queensland and New South Wales throughout March 2022.

The team members working across our residential villages in Bangalow, Byron Bay and Wommin Bay went above and beyond to care for residents, keeping them happy, healthy and calm.

Some team members were stuck in the villages with no road access to get home and no phone connection to check on loved ones.

“At that point it was about survival and conversations. We just talked a lot. Got to know how everyone was actually doing. Those conversations around safety and self-preservation and what Feros Care could do for them,” says Peter Rurii, the Positive Living Manager at Feros Village Bangalow.

With so many team members also unable to get to work, our Wellbeing Lead at Bangalow, Steph Bejma had to quickly come up with a solution. She put a call-out on Facebook to ask for volunteers at Feros Village Bangalow and quickly conducted an orientation. Over 30 volunteers attended, bringing muffins and coffee for team members.

With no phones, Internet or leisure staff, one volunteer ran a quiz game and another brought their child, who went around and read his Bluey book to people.

The positive environment contributed to much laughter and joy around the village, despite all the challenges the floods had brought.

Peter Rurii is the Positive Living Manager at Feros Village Bangalow. When he left his home in Tweed Heads on the morning of Monday February 28, he had no idea that he would not be returning that night.

“We caught up for our morning meeting and I was told, there is a chance you’re not getting home after work today,” Peter says. “My child was at day care, neither myself or my wife could get to him. And there were many others in the same situation.”

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