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Emmerton Park Inc

Over the past two years, Emmerton Park has worked with its Community and all tiers of Government to further develop and deliver upon a range of services that meet identified essential needs, while ensuring those within our care were protected from the risks of COVID.

Service development has included:
• A significant expansion of community services in order to offset the impact of COVID;
• The design, approval and commencement of construction of permanent accommodation for young people living with a disability outside of our aged care facility; and
• The design, approval and commencement of the construction of an additional 30 units and community facilities (incorporating 12 affordable units) to assist in meeting the community need for housing.

Emmerton Park has also worked with its community to ensure the risks of COVID were minimised to residents, by educating its workforce, volunteers and visitors in adhering to appropriate infection prevention and control protocols. This resulted in Emmerton Park avoiding an outbreak of COVID, by having everyone ‘do the right thing’.

Our remote location, far from being a barrier to success, drives innovative thinking to continually develop Emmerton Park so we are recognised as a leading provider of aged and care services.

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