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Emmerton Park witnessed a seismic change from its community in requests for type and volume of community care services over the past two ‘COVID’ years. This has required Emmerton Park rapidly adjust its service delivery model in order to meet community need.

Working with the Federal Government, Emmerton Park significantly expanded upon its CHSP program range, and utilised program flexibility provisions to ensure service volume was available where and when it was required.

An example was the demand for ‘Meals’, that sky rocketed as elderly members of the community did not want to risk contracting COVID by going to the supermarket or by socialising. Emmerton Park was able to meet this demand by redirecting funds from underutilized programs to meet this need.

Another example was the introduction of ‘Centre Based Respite Care’. This permitted elderly members of the community enjoy day respite at the Emmerton Park Aged Care Facility, as many of their regular care arrangements were not possible due to the spread of COVID within the community.

Our remote location, far from being a barrier to success, drives innovative thinking to continually develop Emmerton Park so we are recognised as a leading provider of aged and care services.

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