Elizabeth (Ela) Gierlowska-Grzela

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes - Individual


PAWA Community Care Inc.

Ela has been with our organisation for a very long time. She has experienced many changes not only organisational but also in aged care. Yet she has always been able to adapt, to learn new skills, to try new ways and her enthusiasm and enjoyment for working with older people never faded.

Her resilience and can-do-attitude is to be admired. Nothing fazes Ela, no matter how challenging, difficult or unpleasant the situation may be. She charges forward, does the job and never expects to receive any special treatment for it. She is consistently reliable, practical in her approach to care but also patient, empathetic and respectful.

Clients trust that Ela ‘has their back’ always. Ela has also been a great mentor for new members of our team for many years. She has been supportive, encouraging and very skillful in passing on her knowledge to new team members so they could successfully develop new skills, improve their performance and become confident personal support staff. When Ela mentors workers we know the job will always be done very well.


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