Debbie Lawler

Skye Harvey Innovation – Individual


Bay & Basin Community Resources

With an enquiring mind, vision of a better future and relentless determination, the challenges of the last two years, has not stopped our Senior Care Manager, Debbie Lawler from being creative, innovative and quick to adapt to change and bring others on that journey.
When Debbie notices a problem or a process that isn’t working as well as it could, she doesn’t sit back and accept it, she finds a solution! As an advocate for putting customers at the centre of all decisions, Debbie is always developing and improving processes and reporting practices which saves time and improves services. She is well-organised, positive and approachable and facilitates team work across BBCR by bringing people together to work quickly on any challenges that may arise.
It is not only our Care Team and Finance Team that benefit from Debbie’s creative way of reviewing problems. Debbie’s Home Care Package clients appreciate her ‘can-do’ attitude when they come to her with problems in their plan that require solutions. The team at BBCR would like Debbie to be recognised for the many improvements she has made, her commitment, focus and innovation.

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