Customer Experience Working Group

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness – Team


Resthaven Incorporated

‘It’s the Little Things’ for Resthaven’s Customer Experience Working Group.
This creative team, comprising staff from across head office and the operations, found a great way to recognise the small acts of kindness performed by aged care staff who care for older people; remembering how residents/clients like their coffee, matching the pegs on the line, and opening the curtains in a resident’s room don’t go unnoticed, and have the power to make a significant impact.
In 2022, the Customer Experience Working Group, with the assistance of the Public Relations Team, began the, ‘It’s the Little Things’ project, where staff across Resthaven have the opportunity to share the acts of kindness they take part in each day.
The team then internally publish their responses, motivating more staff to perform acts of kindness inside, and outside the organisation.
A favourite, is Home Support Worker, Zora’s, cultural connection with a Serbian speaking client.
Zora took it upon herself to create a simple weekly grocery checklist which included Serbian translations for each item – a small but powerful act of kindness.
This project is a beautiful testament to all aged care staff who go above and beyond each day. Thank you, Customer Experience Working Group.

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