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Air Force Association (WA Division) Inc t/a RAAFA

Everyone who lives at a RAAFA Retirement Living or Residential Care facility knows that our dedicated staff are always prepared to go above and beyond.

But our team’s level of devotion really shone through last year when we began work on our strategic response to a possible COVID-19 outbreak.

As part of our planning, everyone had the opportunity to be part of our pandemic response team, with over 70 staff volunteering to work on the front line.

To date, these staff have undertaken a high level of additional education to gain the relevant competencies needed to combat a COVID-19 outbreak at RAAFA.

Our carers, nurses, domestic, grounds maintenance and allied health team members have all undertaken training, which sees them able to deliver services in a crisis environment. As a result, RAAFA now has a high performing crisis management, specialist care team at the ready.

We can say without doubt that all members are committed to the cause and will be able to continue to deliver care to our residents, should we be faced with an outbreak in the future.

The philosophy of RAAFA is to go above and beyond, and every member of our COVID-19 response team absolutely embodies this ethos.


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