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Corumbene Nursing Home

Following the success of an Ohio (USA) nursing home having their very first Reindeer Games, a few of the staff got together to recreate it for Corumbene.

With so many of our residents wanting to participate, we organised eight sessions over two days of Reindeer Games. All residents were asked if they wanted to participate, and overall we had an acceptance of over 40 residents to attend which was wonderful.

Our Groups were:
1. Gunpowder Gals
2. The Hot Shots
3. Eagle Eye Shooters
4. Trigger Happy Gals
5. The Blazing Bullets
6. Glamorous Shooters
7. The Danger Rangers
8. Pistol Packin’ Lady’s (plus George)

We had some staff come in on their off shifts to help, either by being a reindeer, taking photos and video or helping to re-load the nerf guns.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed shooting the reindeers (staff) and their laughter was infectious. We hope this will be a Christmas tradition at Corumbene, it was wonderful to see such delight on all faces, staff and residents, bringing a little joy to each other.

A couple of quotes from residents – Mavene, ‘This was the best fun I’ve had in ages’; Pauline B – ‘That was great fun, when can we do it again?’

A huge thank you to our reindeers, without you it wouldn’t have worked. Also a huge thank you to those that assisted the shooters with reloading guns and assisting where needed.


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