Cooking for All – Koh-I-Noor Contemporary Care

Skye Harvey Innovation – Team


Alinea Inc

Cooking smells & the act of making something delicious provides nourishment for the soul across all cultures and ages. Bringing this opportunity to our residents was important to the team and within the Foodsafe world integrating resident & facility cooking to under the same roof can be problematic. We started the project with the desire to have delicious cooking smells throughout the facility, and involving residents in making their own meals. This dream led to designing a mobile cooking station robust enough to carry the weight of an oven and the essential pantry & baking staples, and combining that with the need for maneuverable and health & safety considerations. From there plans drawn by the cabinet maker and then into production…..we’ve never looked back from the day it arrived (see photo attached). The oven is used every week without fail , Tuesday in is wheeled into our dementia unit where the residents have decided on the menu, shop to the menu and then prepare and cook lunch for that day; as part of the activity programme we have made scones, jam, passata, curry, bread and so many more delicious food items. The residents love it, and the feedback, sense of purpose and reminiscence provoked by such common activities which many will take for granted is amazing on the wellbeing of all involved.

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