Claire Miastkowski – Uniting NSW.ACT Goonellabah

Skye Harvey Innovation – Individual


Uniting NSW.ACT

Claire has done a tremendous job at collaborating with services and practice leads to adapt the Quality Scorecard in Residential North. One of three specialists, she went above and beyond as the only team member to learn to both populate the data and evolve the content to include industry benchmarks. This allowed services not only to compare themselves to each other but to the averages across the sector.

As a result, services had better oversight of their performance and what is measured is managed. Claire’s work enabled the whole of team north to have timely conversations on their specific performance and adjust their strategies each month. Without Claire’s work, the remaining specialists and the services they support would not have the positive movement in figures across the quarter improving not only regulatory compliance but reducing risk to our residents, staff, community and Uniting’s reputation. All I can say is that I am glad Claire is a part of Team Uniting.

Claire is both Bold in challenging current practice and imaginative in seeking new ways to solve current problems. I only wish I had better words to encapsulate why she deserves recognition for her quality contribution to Uniting’s performance.

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