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Chinese Australian Services Society Ltd

The Chinese Australian Services Society Ltd. is commonly known in the community as ‘CASS’, its brand name. It was formed in March 1981, and over the last 40 years, it has grown gradually from just a concept into a major social and welfare services provider with a very comprehensive range of community services, catering for the needs from cradle to seniors, including residential aged care, child care, home ageing and disability services, settlement and health services, vocation and training services, volunteering services etc.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CASS played a significant role in reaching out to seniors to ensure their wellbeing was cared for during this difficult time. During the closure of community halls and activity centres due to COVID-19, CASS Seniors Activity Group members maintained their contacts through online platforms.

CASS conducted various online activities to minimise the social isolation of seniors and people with disability. CASS also conducted various seminars to inform seniors about COVID-19 related information and ran Zoom training sessions to enable seniors to develop their technological skills and engage in online activities. During the peak of the pandemic, CASS also participated in a special project to deliver fruit hampers to the home of isolated seniors.


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