Bronwyn Stevens

Skye Harvey Creativity - Individual


Blue Care

Bronwyn Stevens is our Activities Officer at Blue Care Mt Louisa, however, she is often referred to as our happiness consultant, friendship advisor and smile inducer. During COVID-19 Bronwyn worked on ensuring minimum social isolation for our residents so she created a safe, socially distanced space for residents to picnic and socialise. This involved putting tables down our long walk way between our buildings. Each table had a picnic basket filled with goodies, wine glasses and tea cups. Two residents sat at a table and were able to enjoy the picnic atmosphere.

Bronwyn has been creative with maintaining the friendship connections between our residents. Our indoor spaces are too small to maintain social distancing so she has moved activities into our courtyard. Every day she sets up tables with puzzles and ensures that music is playing. This draws the residents out and most days it starts a party atmosphere.

Our residents and families were asked what they think of Bronwyn and this is what they said: ‘Bronwyn really is the heart and soul of this facility. Everything she does is for the residents and meeting their needs. Nothing is too big or too small’.


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