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Baptcare’s Quiet Room – Innovation with heart

Bron Morris, Spiritual Care Co-ordinator at Baptcare, is extraordinary.

“Bron is easily one of our most senior, wise, creative and effective Spiritual Care team members,” said Head of Spiritual Care, Geoff Wraight.

A steadfast presence of calm encouragement and warmth to residents, family and staff, particularly during COVID-19 outbreaks, Bron is a natural candidate for all the ACSA categories! But her Quiet Room is the very essence of innovation; a project led by the heart to make things better.

“Dear Staff – this is your quiet room”.

So reads the sign displayed at Baptcare’s Brookview Aged Care Community, inviting all staff inside the fairy-lit oasis that is Bron’s Quiet Room.

Developed during COVID-19, the Quiet Room is a dedicated staff sanctuary space; a room where staff can rest, reflect and recover. It’s also a place where they can go to talk, leave messages, share scribbled thoughts, or just be. A place to connect and heal.

Muslim staff at the site are now using it regularly for their daily prayers, and Brookview’s manager herself has a self-care habit where, before she goes home, she sits in the Quiet Room and does some meditation.

Bron and her Quiet Room – two treasures definitely worth making some noise about.

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