Brian Langshaw

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes - Individual


Uniting NSW.ACT

Brian is an outstanding volunteer who took it upon himself to establish a garden area at our Mirinjani Hostel. The project engaged residents and provided them an opportunity for social interaction. Brian also took the time to talk to those that he felt were at risk of self-isolating and got them involved. Brian went above and beyond his normal hours to ensure that the beds were watered, weeded and tended too, and involved a resident with a keen interest in the garden in all aspects of the project. Brian also paid for new plants to go into the garden with his own funds and made sure he was able to maintain the upkeep of the garden during COVID. Brian is still maintaining the garden beds and has made a point of involving other residents in the project, particularly focusing on a “Men’s Group” style of program. Brian’s efforts have resulted in beautiful garden area that can be enjoyed by everyone. The project also enabled strong friendships to be formed.

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