Blue Care Grevillia Gardens

Skye Harvey Community Connections – Team


Blue Care

When the floods hit the Gympie community at the end of February 2022, Blue Care’s Grevillea Gardens Residential Service Manager, Kelli and her team were ready for whatever faced them.

With the waters rising, and the Normanby Bridge closed, the whole team put in place the processes and procedures that would be needed and staff who had been through this before started turning up early for shifts, such as night duty nurse Dale who turned up in the morning with his bag packed for the week ahead – just in case.

The Gympie community also rallied around Grevilia Gardens. Offers came in the form of housing employees who were stuck so that they could have a restful sleep and hot shower, providing food and non-perishable items and offering to come in to help keep our residents company.

The hospitality team were highly grateful for all the donations. Not only were they serving residents their meals and snacks, they also ensured all the employees were fed regularly to keep them fuelled throughout their shifts.

As many visitors were unable to come in and the lack of power which meant the TVs weren’t in use, fun activities were created. From torch-light reading activities to ‘corridor bingo’ and ‘guess that sound’, our residents were entertained, and the smiles and laughter could be heard throughout the weekend.

As the power was off, the intercom system wasn’t working, so the staff set-up beds in the corridors to ensure all the residents could be heard if they called out during the night. Nothing was too much for the staff and their number one priority was the resident’s wellbeing.

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