Beb Belocura

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness – Individual



Genuine kindness is natural and effortless to our amazing Anglicare team member Beb Belocura. Beb is an Assistant in Nursing at Anglicare’s Carol Allen House. Beb’s consistent acts of kindness in almost complete invisibility to others are what inspires this nomination for ACSA’s category of Acts of Kindness. Despite working night shifts when many are asleep and the buzz of the daytime activities are over, Beb has taken the time to learn about each and every residents’ interests and preferences to provide personalised care to each individual she cares for. Many of our residents do not get to always see Beb at night but they always know she has been there by her amazing acts of kindness. Beb knows each intimate detail that will make each and every resident at Carol Allen House feel valued and cared about as an individual. From knowing which residents prefer a midnight snack of their favourite drink and biscuits or sandwiches, to which blankets they like on their beds. Beb takes the time to enrich their lives – you will find her sifting through the linen room to find a particular blanket requested by one of her residents. One of our residents of non-English speaking background found great comfort with Beb after Beb took time time out of her personal life to learn that resident’s language to allow her communicate better with her. Beb is often seen having coffee with residents when her shift is over before going home each morning, watching TV with them and discussing gnocchi recipes. Bebs’ consistent work ethic of serving others with simple gestures make a great difference to our residential community.

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