Barbara Anne McMahon

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes - Individual


Uniting NSW.ACT

Barbara was asked by staff to spend some one on one time with a new admission who appeared lonely and sad, isolating himself from others in his room. Barbara visited him and asked him if he would like to share his life story. Their conversation saw the resident become enthused and lively. Thanks to Barbara’s polite, persistent and gentle approach he shared some information about himself that she was able to include in his Lifestyle Plan. This meant his Homemaker was able to fully support him in his day to day living and the resident was also able to develop and nurture closer relationships with fellow residents, staff and volunteers. The resident openly identifies as a member of the LGBTI community and revealed he had some reservations that the other residents may exclude him meaning he wouldn’t be able to be himself. With Barbara’s encouragement, he now participates in social gatherings, enjoys close friendships with other residents and displays a sense of pride in his household community. His joyous, happy demeanor is infectious. Barbara is a valuable member of our team, going above and beyond bringing happiness to all residents. She is energetic, motivated and enthusiastic in everything she does.

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