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Ashfield Baptist Homes

On 17th July 2020 one of our staff members was contact traced and subsequently tested positive to Covid-19. Within the hour, our facility was closed and families notified.

Over the next three weeks, all residents and staff were tested twice. Staff were superb and kept up morale for residents and within their teams to maintain calm and reassurance. Updates were briefed in person and families were all called, emailed and messaged via a new Families and Staff connection app. Regular live video forums were set up and continue today.

Residents and families received constant reassurance of our continuing high level of care under strict guidelines. Regular deliveries of cake and chocolate helped keep up morale! Every single person, from management to care staff, residents to families, stakeholders to contractors, all worked cohesively to set up and manage new best practice protocols, from scrubs to shoecovers, and increased infection control training.

All subsequent Covid tests were negative. Grateful families gathered to clap for our carers on 4th August.


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