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Arpad Aged Care

The team at Arpad Aged Care have been absolutely fabulous throughout 2020 and the pandemic! Every single member of the team worked tirelessly, without taking leave so that we didn’t need to utilise agency staff and take that huge risk of introducing the virus into the facility.

Every single staff member contributed to keeping the facility safe and adhered to strict protocols as well as following and implementing the countless changes, rules and regulations that were introduced over the months and NEVER complained. They supported each other and the residents and their families with patience, kindness, and smiles under the masks.

They turned up to work every single day not knowing what to expect on the day but always managed to keep the residents and each other smiling throughout extreme circumstances and enormously tiring times and NEVER complained. They got an amazing job done every day and looked towards the next time they can make a positive difference in our residents lives.

They are the Arpad unsung heroes – without them we could not have survived this pandemic. We have an amazing team of dedicated workers and we are so extremely proud of them! Thank you ACSA, for this great opportunity to share our story with others and for promoting the positive and the good that is happening in aged care.


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