Anna Dabrowska

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


PAWA Community Care Inc.

Anna’s approach to her role as a Care Worker is very admirable. She works diligently and tirelessly to ensure the consumers she cares for continue to have fulfilling lives, are safe in their homes and engaged as much as possible while she provides her support.
She is compassionate, caring, creative, confident and solutions-focused. She communicates successfully with consumers from CALD backgrounds, consumers living with dementia and those with challenging behaviours.
Our vulnerable consumers benefit greatly from Annas’ strong observation skills. On a number of occasions because of Anna’s quick thinking, action and detailed reporting, health and wellbeing outcomes for our consumers were greatly improved.
Anna is incredibly reliable and confident in her role. She is able to handle difficult and/or challenging situations extremely efficiently and in a very composed and friendly manner. Her calm approach and her delightful and positive attitude put a smile on our consumers’ faces, and they often express their gratitude for the care they receive from Anna.
We have a wonderful team of workers but it is Anna who stands out from the crowd. Anna really is a hero!

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