Angela an unsung hero

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Australian Home Care

What is a hero…? Is it someone that could confidently say they have changed numerous lives for the better?.

Angela my boss is my hero. (Yes I never thought I would ever say that about any boss ever! But here we are).

Before she came into our lives and walked into the office, I can confidently say the team felt lost, hopeless and the clients would of probably said the same.
Angela has shown strength, courage, and grace under fire.
Angela has a shopping list of history in the aged care and disability sector.
Short examples
– A client was unable to return home, Ang arranged a plane with an assisting RN to escort her back to her home state.
– Ang has assisted in developing processes to improve the way we operate
– Ang has fought for what is right and never stopped
– Ang acknowledges the big unsung hero’s, our carers.
– Ang breaks down the gap of hierarchy and empowers us. She shows us we matter
– Ang shows passion in everything she does, her incredible attitude to get the best outcome of every situation is demonstrated in every interaction she has with our clients

Angela is a hero she gets a job done right and uses strength and courage to get it done. She faces the odds without showing that she is afraid. She goes above and beyond for anyone that crosses her path.

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