Alison Vallejo

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes - Individual


Blue Care

Blue Care Clinical Nurse, Alison, is a focused and driven clinician that stops at nothing to deliver the entire package of care for clients. Whilst the majority of clinicians exhibit the values we all hold in high regard, Alison has demonstrated just how far this can be taken over years of dedication to clients with chronic, non-healing wounds – often wounds that the client has endured for decade after decade, frequently being told that there was no solution to their wound.

Alison has actively driven and connected a dedicated group of clinicians on the Sunshine Coast, cemented partnerships with the University of the Sunshine Coast, local medical practitioners and a host of Sunshine Coast specialists including vascular surgeons, dermatologists and other health specialists.

This ‘bringing together’ of the minds and a true holistic approach to the client’s ‘fresh’ journey down the path to wound healing is inspirational. All along this journey Alison and the team are fully inclusive of the client and all connected family/support people involved with their care. Alison gives her time to ensuring all involved are supported, educated and at all times are part of this new journey to a better life.


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