Alicia Uerkvitz-Shepherd, Residential Aged Care

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Uniting NSW.ACT

Alicia leads her team with excellence, creating safe spaces within the workplace so her team and the residents of the home feel safe to be themselves.  Alicia always goes above and beyond for the home, and this has been pushed even further over the past 2 years with the challenges that COVID has introduced.  Alicia leads by example, expecting the very best for the residents, displaying a person-centred approach in everything she does.  Alicia is innovative and constantly looking for better ways to provide quality and personalised care for the residents of the home. Her team are also supported to think creatively to best meet the needs of the residents.  Alicia is a strong advocate for diversity in her home and encourages the team to think of ways to celebrate this. The residents and relatives feel comfortable taking any concerns to Alicia and feel very secure knowing she is leading the team to keep them safe during the pandemic. Residents and employees feel heard and respected and know there will be a thorough investigation and resolution to any matter.

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