Agnieszka Kuna, Manager of Personal Support Services RDNS Silverchain

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


RDNS Silverchain

Agnieszka Kuna, Manager of Personal Support Services RDNS Silverchain, manages the personal support services within RDNS Silverchain. She oversees more than 200 care and domestic workers across metropolitan South Australia.

Since commencing in the role in 2021, Aggie has implemented significant improvements relating to complex client care and staff safety. For example, during the Covid pandemic, Aggie safely navigated her team through service changes to ensure staff and client safety.

In twelve months, Aggie has led a re-boot to a proactive safety culture within personal support services and other programs and facilitated integration of a diverse and geographically challenged spread team following a business acquisition.

Recognised for her proactive management and open communication style, Aggie listens carefully to the feedback from staff and team leaders and has actioned improvements that have been very well received. Under Aggie’s leadership, everyone feels supported, safe and a part of something larger than themselves.

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