3Bridges Groups at Home DVDs and Hello Packs

Skye Harvey Community Connections – Team


3Bridges Community

During the lock down caused by Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent suspension of social groups, 3Bridges started “The Hello Packs” and “Groups at Home DVDs” to address social isolation of our seniors. This initiative helped them feel more connected and it proved to be effective in providing purposeful engagement between clients and 3Bridges staff.
Hello Packs: The pack has two fresh fruits, a large print crossword and some light snacks, coffee sachet, biscuit, small choc etc. The packs were delivered to the doorstep of our clients by a Support Worker with whom the client is familiar. The packs also carried letters of greetings from other people in their group and from Rhonda’s Corner. Many of our clients are not tech savvy and/ or do not have internet. We encouraged them to write letters and we would print all the letters together like a newsletter.

Each time a pack went out Groups at Home DVDs: Our staff recorded some of the activities that clients participated in at the groups. They were both engaging and interactive. They included Trivia and the provision of answers in an entertaining way, exercises, dancing and craft activities. We had an overwhelming response to the DVDs. Many clients advised us that they watched them several times and the more they watched them and funnier they found them.


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