Community Spirit

Many community activities needed to be postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19 and it was a challenge to keep those in our aged care community connected with each other and ourselves.

This category recognises the people and activities that created or kept community spirit going in these challenging times. It celebrates the ways we have continued to bring community together, keep people connected, enhance a sense of community or how we found ways to keep the spirits up for our older Australians.

How to contribute
Recognition can be for individuals, teams or organisations of ACSA members. Please contribute a photo and 80-200 word story here and these will be included on the website and a selection featured in our newsletters and social media.

Explore and share
We encourage you to explore, read and share the recognition stories!

An individual member that has created or kept community spirit going.

A group of individuals that created or kept community spirit going

An Organisation that created or kept community spirit going



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